From Aristotle to Cicero: Essays in Ancient Philosophy

Auteur: Striker, Gisela
Titre: From Aristotle to Cicero: Essays in Ancient Philosophy
Lieu èdition: New York
Éditeur: Oxford University Press
Annèe edition: 2022
Pages: 272
Mots-clès: Philosophie - Filosofia - Philosophy, Sources - Fonti - Sources
Description: This volume draws together a selection of Gisela Striker's essays from the last forty years in the areas of research for which she is best known: Aristotle's logic and ethics, and Hellenistic epistemology and ethics [Editor]Note the chapter "Panaetius Peri tou kathēkontos in Cicero’s De Officiis". This chapter presents a study of Panaetius’s best-known innovation in Stoic ethics—the notion of decorum in both a wider and a narrower sense. In its wider sense, decorum appears on a list of four natural human starting points for virtue. Based on the uniquely human sense of beauty and the analogy between visible beauty and beauty of mind, it is the outer manifestation of virtue that leads humans to recognize virtue as a good and to strive to become virtuous. In the narrower sense, it includes moderation, the traditional fourth cardinal virtue, but also, motivated by the human desire to win the approval of others, socially pleasant behaviour. Decorum in this sense goes beyond morally correct conduct; it may be a social virtue, but not a moral one.
Sigle auteur: Striker 2022