Manfred Fuhrmann als Vermittler der Antike

Auteur: Mindt, Nina
Titre: Manfred Fuhrmann als Vermittler der Antike
Lieu èdition: Berlin - New York
Éditeur: de Gruyter
Annèe edition: 2008
Pages: viii, 203
Mots-clès: Héritage - Fortuna - Legacy, Traduction - Traduzione - Translation
Description: [Manfred Fuhrmann as a Conveyer of Antiquity] [Abstract] For the latinist Manfred Fuhrmann (1925-2005) translation was an integral part of making Antiquity accessible. On the basis of examples of his reflections and translations (above all Cicero) Nina Mindt discusses the theory and practice of translation. In which manner should ancient texts be translated and transformed for the modern reader? Central subject are a review of the history of the theory of translation and a consideration of Fuhrmann's position in the discourse of translation from the second half of the 20th century.
Sigle auteur: Mindt 2008