The invention of the young Cicero

Author: Rubinelli, Sara
Title: The invention of the young Cicero
Review/Collection: "The Classical Quarterly", NS 52, 2
Place edition: London
Editor: Clarendon Press
Year edition: 2002
Pages: 612-615
Keywords: Rhétorique - Retorica - Rhetorics
Description: [Comment] At inu. 1, 33 Cicero concludes his discussion of «partitio» by claiming that he has introduced philosophical precepts that are relevant to rhetoric, and that this introduction is an original device not found in other handbooks of rhetoric. Comparison with the «rhetorica ad Herennium» (1, 17), the only existing text that is contemporary and thematically similar to «de inventione», supports Cicero's claim.
Author initials: Rubinelli 2002