New perspectives on Cicero’s philosophy – Durham

New perspectives on Cicero’s philosophy

Durham – February 10-11, 2018

  • Jed Atkins, Cicero on the Justice of War.
  • Nathan Gilbert, Cicero against Lucretius De morte.
  • Margaret Graver, The psychology of honor in Cicero’s De Re Publica.
  • Sean McConnell, Old Men in Cicero’s Political Philosophy.
  • Geert Roskam, Nos in diem vivimus: Cicero’s approach in the Tusculan disputations.
  • Malcolm Schofield, Iuris consensu revisited.
  • Katharina Volk, Towards a Definition of Sapientia: Philosophy in Cicero’s Pro Marcello.
  • Georgina White, Skepticism and Fiction in the Academica.
  • Raphael Woolf, Cicero on Rhetoric and Dialectic.
  • James Zetzel, Cicero’s Platonic Dialogues.

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