De fato

Title: De fato
Work type: Cicero - I - Works

Philosophical work, incompletely preserved, that is considered to have been composed in the first successive months after the murder of Caesar (15 March 44 BC); the fictitious date of the dialogue coincides with that real one and the setting is in the villa of Cicero at Pozzuoli, the Puteolanum.
The text that has been preserved does not allow us to define with precision to whom the work is dedicated, perhaps Aulus Hirtius (whom Cicero addresses like an interlocutor),
already an official of Caesar at the end of 54 BC and consul designate in 44 BC
after the death of the dictator. [Fausto Pagnotta; transl. Tom Frazel]

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At the moment, this text, by Fausto Pagnotta, is available only in Italian or French