Epistula ad Caesarem de consiliis – Symbouleutikón

Title: Epistula ad Caesarem de consiliis – Symbouleutikón
Work type: Cicero - III - Works known by other authors

[Waiting for an English translation] Lettera politica di consigli a Cesare, scritta a maggio 45, ma mai pubblicata, di cui restano solo testimonianze: Att. XII, 40, 2. 51, 2. 52, 2; XIII, 1, 3. 26, 2. 27, 1. 28, 2. 31, 3 [ErmMala].

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At the beginning of May 45, Cicero, at his villa at Astura, was persuaded by Atticus to start a treatise in the form of a letter on the constitution and administration of the State (now known as the Epistula ad Caesarem de consiliis or Sumbouleutikon) and later, during the same month, he submitted it to Atticus, L. Cornelius Balbus and C. Oppius. However, they proposed so many corrections that, by May 28, Cicero abandoned this project and did not
send it to Caesar who was in Spain at the time (Ad Att. 13, 31, 2-3).
The difficulties encountered arose from the content of the work, but
Cicero tried to solve them immediately by formal means,
that is to say, by moving the context of the discussion to an earlier
time. In the second half of August, he returned to
epistolary genre with a new Epistula ad Caesarem. [ErmMala, English translation by Tom Frazel]