Cicero’s Caesarian Speeches: A Stylistic Commentary

Auteur: Gotoff, Harold C. (Ed., Trans)
Titre: Cicero’s Caesarian Speeches: A Stylistic Commentary
Lieu èdition: Chapel Hill
Éditeur: The University of North Carolina Press
Annèe edition: 1993
Pages: xlvi, 309
Mots-clès: Commentaires - Commenti - Commentaries, Éditions - Edizioni - Editions, Rhétorique - Retorica - Rhetorics, Stylistique et genres littéraires - Stilistica e generi letterari - Stylistics and literary genre
Comptes rendus:

Margaret A. Fusco, Scholia Reviews ns 4 (1995) 3 – Claude Loutsch, Gnomon 68(1996), p. 221-225.

Description: [Bio] Gotoff's page : "I am continuing my study of Ciceronian stylistics, trying to understand the relationship between composition and nuance, primarily in the periodic style of his oratory. I began, in my commentary on Pro Archia Poeta, trying to analyse and describe the variety of Ciceronian periods. In Cicero's Caesarian Speeches I attempted to relate the effect of various kinds of composition on rhetorical strategies. My text now is De Lege Agaria and my emphasis is on the forms and flow of Cicero's presentation beyond the limits of the syntactic period, and, within such periods, on the use of complex and ornate phrases. The speeches that make up the collection have rarely received extensive commentary; in English there is no such complete book. I am working on a historic, rhetorical, and stylistic commentary on the three speeches. Because the rarity of critical editions of the text, I am in the process of re-recollating a number of the manuscripts, particularly Vat. Lat 11458, Poggio's apograph, only used once since Campana discovered it half a century ago".
Sigle auteur: Gotoff 1993