Cicero’s reminiscences on state

Auteur: Lučić, Zdravko
Titre: Cicero’s reminiscences on state
Revue/Collection: Journal of Bathinvs Association Acta Illyrica no 6
Annèe edition: 2022
Pages: 85–98
Mots-clès: Philosophie - Filosofia - Philosophy, Politique - Politica - Politics
Description: The paper starts with Cicero’s definition of state in De republica 1, 39 and how it structured the state and legal philosophy in the works of De republica, De legibus, De officiis. It is correlated with the Stoic definition of polis and Aristotle’s philosophic teachings. According to Cicero, Iurisconsensus et utilitatis communionis represents the essence of the rule of law. There is a distinction between formal legal justice and aequitas as a higher form of justice. Stoic divine cosmic law determines optimus status civitatis. The immanent characteristic of justice is iustitia. Cicero inextricably associated the internal size of the state with moral laws. Justice is sine qua non of every state. [Author] = “Ciceronove reminiscencije o državi”.
Sigle auteur: Lučić 2022