Pyrrhon chez Cicéron

Auteur: Prost, François
Titre: Pyrrhon chez Cicéron
Revue/Collection: "Vita Latina", 183-184
Annèe edition: 2011
Pages: 33-53
Mots-clès: Philosophie - Filosofia - Philosophy, Sources - Fonti - Sources
Description: Cicero’s testimony on Pyrrho shows that this philosopher played the key role within the group of the defenders of absolute indifference built up by the various moral doxographies of the hellenistic age. Cicero also makes it clear that, for dialectic purposes, Pyrrho’s original thought was altered through assimilation to Stoic positions alien to his own vision of the world, which itself proved unbearable to a Roman mind. [Abstract]
Sigle auteur: Prost 2011